About Samantha Dawson

SAMANTHA DAWSON is a Mother, a fiance and the CEO of three businesses, LocStar Revolution, a Certified Notary Signing Agent of NoVA 24/7 NOTARY SERVICES and she just, recently, launched Web Designers & Scribes.

Samantha learned what Entrepreneurship truly was about 4-5 years ago and she has been obsessed with the concept ever since!  As part of her obsession, she loves to share her knowledge with the World, especially when she’s excited about something.

samanthadawson.co is about a Mother and fiance doing it all! Raising children, catering to the love of her life, running her businesses and her choices in life that led her to where she is today!

Samantha is constantly asked how can Moms work from home and stay home with their babies. She is extremely sympathetic to this because after the birth of all her sons, she refused to go back to Corporate America while her sons were babies.

However, after her third son and 15 years in the Information Technology field, Samantha decided to become an Entrepreneur and follow her passions.

While she was building her IT career, Samantha never lost her passion for her Creative side as a designer and writer. Her first company, LocStar Revolution, was an extremely exciting venture for her because she was able to finally launch a clothing line of her own and design many products that she sells all over the World!

Her second business is SO fun for Samantha because she is able to meet different people every day and serve the public. As a Veteran and an Activist, this is right up Samantha’s ally! She loves helping others and has always been a fighter for people’s rights.

Her third business is her dream come true, merging her first two businesses together in some ways. Yet, Web Designers & Scribes is very different because Web Designers & Scribes is a lot more technical than her other two businesses and a bit more remote. She does most of her Web Design, Graphics Design and Freelance work from her home.

You can find her on her websites (all designed by her): www.nova247notary.com, www.locstar.co, designersandscribes.com and samanthadawson.co

LocStar Revolution’s graphics designs on the t-shirts, coffee mugs and totes, as well as, all listed companies’ logos are all designed by Samantha. Much of her graphics design work can be found at www.locstar.co.

She, also, designed logos for Rainey and Sons’ Trucking Company. Additionally, her work can be found at Maryland 24/7 Notary Services at www.md247notary.com, the website she built for her business partner and lovely fiance, Antonio Rainey.

Questions? Email Samantha Dawson at mssamdawson@gmail.com. She will be in touch with you soon!

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