Tunisia, Africa

About Samantha’s Blog

My blog is going to be about everything related to my life as a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Fiance and so on while being of African descent.

I am pretty smart…lol…and I LOVE to research. I am one of those types of people that actually likes to learn and I almost inhale knowledge. Due to this fact, I know a great amount of information on many topics; especially topics that really interest me.

I have always loved to write but I never have much time since I graduated from high school and entered into the U.S. Army. My life took off from there and the adventures began! Now as a busy Mom of 3…I still don’t have as much time as I would like to write or to take advantage of my many skills but I am determined to push through and share my talents with the World.

Have you ever read someone else’s blog or watched someone’s else’s personal brand and thought to yourself, “I can do what they are doing and I can probably even do it better”?

Well, that’s my story. I keep telling myself, “Not right now” or “I don’t have time” until it has gotten to the point that if my story isn’t told and my knowledge isn’t shared…I just might explode! lol.

I am a Writer.

I am a Creative.

I have ALWAYS adored Fashion.

These are some simple truths about me.

And I am desperate at this point, to not simply find my voice; but, to share it and find out where I fit in this crazy World that is anything but quiet.

I have read many blogs or watched a lot of vlogs and felt like the woman on that screen was my Spirit Twin. 🙂

A “Spirit Twin”, in my own words, is someone who is SO much like you..even sounds like you, thinks like you, has the same experiences as you..that it’s scary.

My Sister is another “Spirit Twin” of mine. I, often, take it for granted that my sister and I are very close. However, through my travels and life experiences, I learned that it is not always the norm for siblings to be close. My Sister and I finish each other’s sentences and even each other’s dreams! And there are many other stories that I might discuss to talk about how close our Spirit connection is and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I’m sure you all have a Spirit Twin and thought it was just you. No. It’s not. lol. There is someone else out here thinking like you. 🙂

Furthermore, I’m not going to discuss my psychic abilities that I believe I have just yet. But I just warn you all that my life is nothing like you have ever seen (or heard) before. I say this because I don’t think anyone’s true story is like anyone else’s, if they are courageous enough to take the filter off.

I look forward to laughing, crying and connecting with all of you! I hope my stories help you to realize you are not alone. I hope my stories inspire you to be more than happy being just you. 🙂


Samantha Dawson