Confessions of an Entrepreneur My No Good, Very Sick Week

Confessions of an Entrepreneur: My No Good, Very Sick Week

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My first week battling the stomach flu and being an Entrepreneur was a disaster. I run three businesses. I have a Mobile Notary business, an eCommerce business and a business designing website, graphics and creating web content.

I launched my eCommerce business last year and was happy that this year, I knew what my 2017 goals for my eCommerce business would be and I actually stuck to it.

Last week, I hired an SEO team that met my small business budget. It was nice not having to worry much about that business, even though, there are some updates to the website that needed to be done.

I wasn’t able to complete any blog posts for any of my businesses and the to-do list goes on and on.

I was bedridden and everything went to an almost standstill.

My second business, the Web Design business had been taking off. I launched that business in January of this year. I had just booked another long-term big client and was set to begin work on that client’s project this week. I was so proud, happy and excited about my new client and his business that I would help to grow.

My client was extremely excited to get started on his website. He called daily which I didn’t mind at all. His excitement poured into me and made me excited for his business website even more!

However, I didn’t know how to tell him that I had fallen ill and wouldn’t be able to start his website as soon as I thought.

Most customers/clients do not want to hear excuses. They only want to see results. So, I struggled in silence and continued to try to get better as quickly as possible. Not much helped move my stubborn flu virus along.

Then, my third business, my Mobile Notary business…was my tipping point because suddenly a business that was having a slow period for a few weeks now was now hot with business. My phone was ringing off the hook and emails were pouring into my Notary business inbox.

I felt so guilty not answering calls or responding to all the emails; but, I was exhausted from battling the stomach flu for about a week. I, also, wasn’t sure what to tell my clients if I did answer.

Today, I woke up with hope that my illness had improved. Thankfully, it had.

I’m not 100 percent back to good health, but I have been feeling well enough to log onto my computer, respond to phone calls and answer emails.

The first thing I did was get in touch with the Mobile Notaries in my network and connect with them. I exchanged contact information with them and I’m happy to know I can now refer clients to nearby Notaries who can help them with their needs.

I had learned through my first week as a very sick entrepreneur that I really couldn’t do everything alone.

I, also, learned there is usually plenty of work for everyone. I didn’t need to try to hoard all the work for fear that I wouldn’t make enough money to support my growing family.

I learned that I needed to stop procrastinating when it came to hiring help. I have to admit that I’m not looking forward to managing anyone. Yet, I am glad to know there are many options available for a small business owner with a growing business.

I can outsource through Fiverr, Zendesk and so many other companies that allow a platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs to come to who are in search of work.

This week was rough. My oldest son got a fever and I had to pick him up, despite my own illness. My middle son’s school called for my ten year old who claimed to have a stomach ache and my fiancé had also contracted the stomach flu.

I was grateful my youngest son did not get sick with the rest of us.

We survived and I was once more pushed into a situation that forced me to do things I was nervous and had trepidation about. But, the situation helped me to grow as an entrepreneur.

Have you ever gotten sick or were unable to run your business for one reason or another? What did you do to provide a solution for your business and yourself?

I would love to hear your experiences. Sound off in the comments below!

Samantha Dawson is a Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Freelance Writer, CEO of LocStar Revolution, NoVA 24/7 Notary Services and Web Designers and Scribes. In her free time, you can find Samantha reading biographies, watching documentaries on Netflix or spending quality time with her family. Samantha lives in Fairfax, VA with her fiancé and 3 sons.

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