Facebook Marketplace, Will You Marry Me I’ll never shop retail again!

Facebook Marketplace, Will You Marry Me? I’ll never shop retail again!

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I discovered Facebook Marketplace, an online “swap meet” type store on the Facebook app a few weeks ago and I have been addicted to it ever since! There is something about finding a lot of nice products for almost next to nothing! And, sometimes, items are even FREE!

Facebook Marketplace seems to be kind of a beta app that was created after Mark Zuckerberg noticed how many “buy/sell/trade” FB groups were popping up.

Facebook Marketplace is amazing because it gives Buyers and Sellers a place to collectively come together and get their products in front of a lot of people without the headache (and costs) of a advertising.

To be successful at FB Marketplace, all you have to do is ask to join the groups you’re interested in. Then, when you post your products for sell, you have the option to post to additional groups that you are a member of. I have had products posted to approximately 19 groups at any given time…reaching hundreds of thousands of people…for FREE!

I don’t have to pay for Facebook Ads or a membership subscription. Nothing. I’m able to get a lot of traffic to see my posts and heighten the possibilities of sales.

Since I began posting and figuring out how FB Marketplace works, I was able to take photos a certain way and add specific wording to get my products sold faster. I’ll post a YouTube video soon discussing how to be successful on FB Marketplace.

As a Small Business owner, not only am I always on the lookout for monetary opportunities; I am, also constantly, on the hunt for ways to spend/invest money wisely, as well as, make a dollar stretch. As my toddler began to get taller, become more active while using his newfound skills to climb up anything he can manage to climb (giving Mommy mini-heart attacks by the way) and playing with his toys in a more advanced way…I knew it was time to update his clothing and toys. 😳

Being the frugal person that I am, I headed straight to FB Marketplace first. I had, recently, posted and sold some Coach bags on FB Marketplace fairly quickly and now I was returning as a consumer this time.

I began to look through the postings and I was pleasantly surprised to see a plethora of items for toddlers available.

Here are all the clothes I was able to get for my 1 year old for $25.

I’m a happy camper and my son has clothes until he’s wearing 4T! I purchased him some toddler toys a couple of days later and even scored this Sports Center playset for $5! I had almost paid $29.99 for it at Wal-Mart.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t take my word for it. Stop wasting your money on retail and get to shopping on FB Marketplace now!

Have you scored an awesome deal on Facebook Marketplace? Tell us about it!

Samantha Dawson is a Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Freelance Writer, CEO of LocStar Revolution, NoVA 24/7 Notary Services and Web Designers and Scribes. In her free time, you can find Samantha reading biographies, watching documentaries on Netflix or spending quality time with her family. Samantha lives in Fairfax, VA with her fiancé and 3 sons.

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