Spreadshirt The Most Underrated T-Shirt Design Shop

Spreadshirt: The Most Underrated T-Shirt Design Shop

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I have been selling on Spreadshirt.com for a little over year now and it has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life as a new entrepreneur and designer. You can find my shop on Spreadshirt at: shop.spreadshirt.com/locstarrevolution.

Last year, after I got laid off from my job, I decided to bet on myself so I launched a Spreadshirt Shop named LocStar Revolution and I began creating awesome designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, tank tops and more.

There are tons of made-to-order t-shirt design websites out there, such as, Teespring and Zazzle. But, in my humble opinion, Spreadshirt is second to none.

Spreadshirt has several features and benefits that the other product design companies don’t offer. Here they are listed below:

1) Spreadshirt allows business owners to create their own eCommerce stores right on the Spreadshirt website.

Business owners are able to build their online store with their own domain and hosting without the usual expensive costs that come with hiring a web developer to build a custom website. This can save up-and-coming entrepreneurs a great deal of money until they can afford to purchase their own website.

I built my own website later but I still have my shop on Spreadshirt because the extra publicity doesn’t hurt.

2) Sellers benefit from traffic that comes from Spreadshirt’s marketing.Even if sellers don’t market their designs at all, their designs will sell!

3) Spreadshirt offers coupons, banners and a great deal of marketing paraphernalia for sellers’ customers. These incentives help shop owners promote their businesses and entice customers to shop at Spreadshirt for amazing, innovative products and designs.

4) Shop owners can create as many shops as they would like under one account. If shop owners decide they want to sell to a different audience and within another niche, shop owners have the option to build another shop under a single account.

5) Sellers can opt to sell in the Marketplace and/or in their shops. I usually sell in both for maximum exposure and to give my customers more options.

6) Designers are paid for their designs. So, if you know how to draw or design using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator; then, Spreadshirt might be an excellent choice for you to earn an additional stream of income.

7) Spreadshirt offers an excellent affiliate program. Sellers have, yet, another way to earn more money under Spreadshirt which totals about 4 different ways to make money under one company.

8) Spreadshirt offers consumers endless options for customizing their designs on the products they choose. Individuals have the options to customize some of the designs they purchase or they can create their own design with the T-Shirt Designer.

Do you love Spreadshirt and have more to add to this list? Go ahead! I’d love to hear from you!

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