They Wouldn’t Allow Me to Work From Home, So I Quit and Started a Home-Based Business

They Wouldn’t Allow Me to Work From Home, So I Quit and Started a Home-Based Business

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Today was amazing for me and I must admit that I experienced a somewhat surreal moment.

I was just waking up, it was past 10am and my toddler was still sleeping peacefully.

My phone rang and I answered the call. I usually screen phone calls because I pay the bill and like to control who I have to talk to at any given moment. Also, I screen because I am an introvert.

The woman on the line began talking and my jumbled, befuddled mind was trying to catch up to her fast pitch. She was an IT recruiter, calling me about a job opportunity over a year after I left Corporate America to work for myself.

I cut her off as she was mid-sentence because I knew she was about to waste another 10 minutes or so of my time telling me about a job position I wasn’t interested in.

First, I gave my standard answer of “I’m no longer in the job market”, my response when I am trying to nicely decline all the job opportunities that come my way on a regular basis.

Then, I added that I was self-employed to further reiterate that she no longer needed to call me with her “opportunities”.

The IT recruiter began to stumble on her words as she quickly dismissed herself with a muddle of words and a hurried “goodbye”.

I used to be a person who clamored for those job opportunities that I didn’t really want.

Due to my “impressive” resume…a phrase I have heard often from IT recruiters and hiring managers…a resume I worked my a*s off to make impressive…I am now in demand and I receive several calls a week for job opportunities.

For a long time, I allowed those calls to intrude upon my life, even as I knew in my heart that I was never returning to work for someone else and as I, feverishly, worked on building my home-based business. Those phones calls were my plan B or my “just in case this entrepreneur thing doesn’t work out” cushion.

Over a year later and three businesses that are beginning to make some real profits, I now feel ready to deactivate my and CareerBuilder accounts as I enter the next chapter of my life.

I left that World behind because they made it unbelievably difficult to allow me to work from home. As an IT Professional, I am well aware that it is possible for almost everyone from any job field to be able to work from home, even if it’s just part-time.

But, nope, my former employer wanted to show their level of control over my life and not allow me to work from home until it was too late. By the time they finally allowed me to work from home, I had already filed a discrimination complaint to HR, was about 7 months pregnant and the damage of their discriminatory behavior had already been done.

“I was ready to take back the control of my life.”

As an employee, I really only wanted the simplest things:

  1. The ability to stay home with my, then. newborn.

  2. More time to spend with my older sons who, of course, need me as they grow into their tween and teen years.

  3. The avoidance of excruciating office politics that never suited me.

  4. And the freedom to be myself as an introvert.

I didn’t think I was asking for much but I guess to them, I was. I was a hard-worker, loyal and committed to the company. A company I would never own and a company that gave me just enough to be somewhat satisfied with my life; but, I was never genuinely happy.

Nevertheless, God had a different plan for me and it was the plan my life exactly needed.

Moms working as Mompreneurs and spending time with their families.

This is my testimony that you don’t need to wait to allow someone to “let” you live your life as you see fit. You have the power to follow your dreams and achieve your goals on your terms. You have that right to determine who can and cannot have a say over your life.

Life is about choices. Each morning, you wake up and you make the choice to live. But, are you truly living or simply existing?

I wanted to work from home so I could spend more time with my children. I wanted to work in a comfortable environment designed for introverts.

And now…I do. Simple as that.

 Have you made the leap from employee to entrepreneur? What’s your story? Why’d you leave the Corporate World? Sound off in comments below.

Samantha Dawson is a Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Freelance Writer, CEO of LocStar Revolution, NoVA 24/7 Notary Services and Web Designers and Scribes. In her free time, you can find Samantha reading biographies, watching documentaries on Netflix or spending quality time with her family. Samantha lives in Fairfax, VA with her fiancé and 3 sons.

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